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Baddies, or Bad Guys, is a generic term for enemies in games.

The word comes from the phrase "Take that, Baddies!".

A baddie is generally recognized by the fact that they are/have

  • Bigger than you
  • Better armed than you
  • More hitpoints/mana/armor than you
  • Faster than you
  • A lot more numerous than you
  • Often shooting in your general direction (unless they are Dysfunction in which case he could also be a goodie)

and quite possibly

  • smarter than you

In the case of a game like say, Ninja Gaiden, all of the above apply. In a game like Battlefield 2, some apply, but the game is either going to crash or you're going to get kicked by the master server and/or PunkBuster for reasons often unknown (but absolutely no fault of EA's. nope, not their fault at all, oh no sirree)

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