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The BarrysWorld Portal Page

After some searching, I realized that the long and the short of it is that the decent article is here in the Wikipedia.

Of course, that's a reasonably emotionless article and doesn't fully convey what us users felt at all. People had been mucking about in the forums, on IRC and on the BarrysWorld games servers for yonks. People knew each other in real life. There had been beering! There still is beering, for that matter. Come to think of it, people have been talking (mostly) tripe to each other for years. Iirc I found BW through a search engine when I was um, 24? That makes it 7 years of talking dirty to Wij!

In the beginning


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Some techie guys who worked for the same company decided that Quake was better than sex and got some other techies in the company interested in the game. At the time there was no easy way to find each other on Quake servers so Deebs setup a secret Quake server inside the company and named it Freddies so that it could be spoke about openly without anyone actually knowing what the hell it was.

After many lost hours and a loss of social life Deebs decided that an externally hosted Quake server that others could join would be a good idea. Fresh meat to frag!!

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Founding Members

Original Team (pre-funding)

Team (post-funding)

The original BW team, minus the new suits.

GAME-Era Team


  • Late 90's - BarrysWorld Founded
  • 1998 - Website and Gameservers Launched
  • 1999 - Dialup Service Introduced
  • May 2000 BarrysWorld Gets Funding
  • Jan 2001 BarrysWorld Goes Bust
  • Feb 2001 GAME Buys BarrysWorld Assets
  • Nov 2003 GAME Ditches BarrysWorld
  • 11th December 2003 FreddysHouse Born

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