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The first game in the "Battlefield" series of games, created by DICE, a Swedish development house and published by Electronic Arts (who subsequently bought DICE). "BF" as it was known wasn't the first FPS to feature vehicle combat, but it set a trend followed by lots of FPS titles since. Based around decisive WWII battles, BF was effectively a multiplayer only title (the single player mode was basically a training mode for MP). BF was hugely popular when it launched, second only in popularity to the inevitable Counterstrike, which is of course, shit. BF spawned two expansion packs, "The Road to Rome", and "Secret Weapons of WWII", which to be honest weren't that great. BF also spawned a number of mods, easily the most popular of which was Desert Combat, which in the end was probably a better game than BF, and the inspiration for Battlefield 2