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TheBorg (aka Jase Newington) was leader of a QW clan called Mere Mortals who frequented the BarrysWorld servers and played friendlies against the clan Desert_Fox which included members of the BarrysWorld 'staff' (Reubs and Mesmer) as well as Wij.

Later MM became a UT clan, and Jase started to admin the BarrysWorld UT DM leagues with Wij as deputy.

It's believed that TheBorg left whatever he was doing at the time to go to Alienpants, though if that really is the case is not known for sure. He was also at this time lurking in irc with HAI

Where Jason is now has not been resolved...

Apparently, he's gone and got himself a RealLife job, and has recently got engaged to his girlfriend. grats, ding, pld.