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Mods are lovable, fluffy and helpful people doing their utmost to care for the forums and communities. Often labled evil fascist cockbadgers by strange people for reasons unknown, the Mods try to ignore the ramblings of the unwashed by concentrating on higher goals, like hawt lezza pr0n.

and now the truth... Mods are usually found in their secret forum. It is speculated here that the Mods spawn normal posters. The ones who use capitals and stuff. The theory behind this is that from scientific studies, only 3 people in the history of time can ever be the perfect poster. They usually come as sources of peace in a heated thread. One example of this is Jesus Christ. He said unto the users "Thou Shalt shut the FUCK up". And to that the 10,000 posts thread was put to rest.

Using the secret equation of teh forum, it is predicted the next perfect user shall arrive in 2100. The argument down to how many megabytes should be in the perfect virtual toast.

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