Counter-Strike Buckshots

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CS-B stands for Counter-Strike Buckshots A very old Counter-Strike clan, born on 17th June 1999 that was originally formed by SAS. (This may not be true, web archive of original CS-B site says different).

The clan with more BW admins in than it ever got frags. (Unless you count Fanboys teamkills)

CS-B played in ClanBase and the BWCSL, they enjoyed many friendly games against A&I and Killemall.


CS-B had many members over the years, see web archive of original CS-B site for the original member list. The members below formed the core of the CS-B team that actively played between late 2000 and 2002

Clan: Counter-Strike Buckshots

SAS | Weevil | Wolfy | Oldman | Erebus | Horus | Utini | Mophead | Reap | Carl1ng | charl8tan | MYstIC G | Grimmy | Ch3tan | Fanboy | Opti | Gremlin | Rabbit Man 3D | Pac | BennyBoy | Meatballs | ZaPpeh | Silicon | Jez | Frenzy