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Member Since BW, 2000ish, FH, 22/12/03
Location Getting ready to go
Number of Bans 0
Custom Title Why I Oughta...

DaGaffer was minding his own business trying to run a shop on the interweb when a big yellow smiley face visited him in a dream. "MrBenn has spent all our money" it said, "Give us more for our green land and we'll get lots of people to come and buy stuff from your interweb shop," it lied. So he gave the big yellow smiley face (through his representatives on Earth) a shiny penny and some of the big yellow smiley face's elves jobs in DaGaffer's interweb salt mine. DaGaffer's King thought this was a good idea, but later he changed his mind when the land of the big yellow smiley face turned out to be full of very tight gits and he banished the big yellow smiley face to another land, and DaGaffer had to have some of his elves killed and others turned into slaves for his interweb shop, where they toil to this very day.

DaGaffer himself escaped the King and the interweb shop, but he still visits the land where the big yellow smiley face went to hide, where he argues with the natives about cars and politics and religion in a very loud voice, because he's bored and has nothing better to do.

When he's not bored

He plays Battlefield 2, usually on the FH server, although not much recently, and before that was rather keen on Battlefield:1942 and Desert Combat.