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Member Since The first day
Location In a dark wet hole
Number of Bans Me banned? Hah!
Custom Title Chief Arsewipe


Deebs, aka DBs (Dogs Bollocks) is the joint-founder of FreddysHouse, BarrysWorld and then FreddysHouse again.

We worship Deebs, though we'd love him more if he finally gave TdC mod access to the Quotes forum ;-)

The Beginning

Deebs' Special Badge

Many moons ago, infact years ago when you could leave your backdoor open without fear of some scrote running in and nicking something, when you could walk home at 2am in the morning and not get jumped, when smokes were less than a quid a packet, when seeing a 15yr chav bird pushing a pram with 4 of her kids in it was an extremely rare occurrance I worked for an insurance company with a guy called Ben TedTheDog.

Between myself, Ben and a few other IT personnel we would be responsible for flying to other sites and either prepare them for occupation or do out of hours work. Now, at one point, way back yonder, 8 of us arrived at one of our Glasgow offices for a weekend tour. Being a true professional I loaded a copy of Duke Nukem3D onto one of the Netware servers ready for installation on the clients. We duly perched our arses across the 2nd floor and spread out and settled down to a few hours of laughing, shouting, swearing and all round awesome fun. This was my first foray into the thing that would consume a large part of my spare time.

On a normal working day I would sit in the canteen whilst Ben dribbled across the table talking about some game called QuakeWorld. Eventually I succumbed and installed the game. Oh my god. My life from that point on was changed for good. The biggest issue was a name, he already had TedTheDog which has a story behind it too, but that is for him to tell and not me.

Having played the game for a while I thought, quite wrongly, that I was bloody good at it so used the name TheDBs (The Dogs Bollocks). Later it was shortened to DBs and was being pronounced as Deebs so I stole that and now is my current online nick.

During my time at the Insurance Company it was decided that we needed a private QuakeWorld server so a machine called Freddy's was born. Of course it was password protected. Over time we gave the password out and more and more people would join the server and play QuakeWorld. We duly noticed that it was always full and therefore very popular. Therefore we decided to expand upon the single server and install another.....

After the FPS bubble burst for me, could never really get into Counter-Strike, I dabbled in DAoC and learnt new things such as QQ, gratz, plix. Although the game was fun to play I just couldn't get into it so looked toward World of Warcraft in February of 2005. Still playing the damn game, hooked bigtime.


See this is the problem when I wrote "tbc" above it was for "To Be Continued" but alas Blizzard released a game expansion for WoW called TBC which has caught my attention. I tried to write an update tonight but only managed as far as this paragraph.

Alleged bastard child of TedTheDog and TdC's illicit orgy session during satanic cult ritual abuse. Still to be confirmed / denied.

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PS. Deebs says we need to update the wiki more often, therefore i shall add that in his crusty old age, he now finds himself at the crisis stage where MILFs are generally his own age, and is having to become rather au fait with the ways of the GILF just to 'keep it real' as Clown would clearly say.