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The paramount QuakeWorld clan from the MCW - formed in 1998 by Mesmer and Reubs. Could be summed up by "won sod all but had a laugh".

Clan members included Wij and Trebz from the former BarrysWorld community.

We had weekly friendlies against Borg's clan Mere Mortals, which we invariably lost.

Our clan website is still on the go, hosted by the nice ppl at FreddysHouse :)

We are no longer active in any leagues, but can usually be found playing CS or Battlefield on a Friday evening.

DF did actually enjoy a fairly successful season 7 in the MCW, totally owning Division 4 (look, you take what glory you can ok !).

The DF BobLan


The highlight of the Desert Fox calendar is the annual pilgrimage to BobLan at Easter. These started life as Doom over Personal Netware at Reubs parents house, later migrating to Bob's lounge & dining room and ultimately to Bob's purpose build LanPad basement.

Highlights of the weekend over the years include

  • Trebz's mam dropping him off for his first lan and popping in to check out all these strange middle ages (I think middle-aged might be more true, none of us have serfs and feifdoms: Wij) blokes he knew from the internet.
  • Wij attempting to hide his goatse collection by zipping and renaming it to c:\windows\green.txt, didn't take long to suss that one.
  • Trebz's showing the whole of DFC up at QWCTF on Opposing Castles by showing us where the Quad was after we had been playing the map constantly for 2 years!
  • TedTheDog trekking up from his shandy drinking haunts to educate a bunch of northerners on how to syncronise jumping from a Tribes troop carrier
  • Grendel coming in pissed at some ungodly hour, then shouting, puking and falling asleep in the puke. After which everyone left him to carry on gaming.
  • Trebz watching bangbus for two nights straight.
  • Reubs playing WoW for 36 hours without break in 2005, leading to a blanket WoWBan in 2006
  • Reubs & Pup deciding to spend Easter away from the bank holiday traffic at BobLan 2002 then spending the whole four days playing Project Gotham.
  • Trebz showing us bangboat a couple of years later.
  • Pup rebinding the Battlefield:1942 parachute on Trebz's keyboard when he'd gone for a beer.
  • AngryDaz getting a new PC and flashing the firmware on the motherboard at the LAN.
  • Mesmer bringing his rubber band gun along & the ensuing duels with Lynx's rubber band gun.
  • Tery_Hatchett, AngryDaz and Wij stripping down to the waist and using towels as makeshift capes to enact the role of kings during a game of team regicide in Age of Kings. They had been soundly beaten and were hiding all three kings in a bush in the corner of the map for about half an hour. The dressing up thus facilitated the role-play of the pleasant picnic they imagined the kings would probably have in the bush. The picnic probably consisted of chipsticks, shredded-duck and Miller Pils.
  • Team DM UT consisting of Wij vs everyone else. "Everyone else" managed a negative score.
  • Lynx (aka Bob) always joining in the AoE/AoK/AoM games and never managing to have more than 3 farmers and his starting scout unit.
  • DrSkon refusing to leave until he had managed to pass Bark At The Moon on Guitar_Hero.
  • Wij browsing around the 'shared folders' on everyone's PCs then Bob's wife walking in to say Hi just as he'd found some film of a woman with a balloon up her front-bottom.


  • Mesmer: Clan leader + chief camper. Useful for holding the RA.
  • Reubs: Gets motion sickness playing QW. Nuff said. Has a habit of leaning in his chair when going round corners.
  • DrSkon: Good all-round player but got the wife and kids bug too early.
  • Lynx: Shocked that you lot forgot him, since he has provided the venue and all the beer for the past 7 years :P
  • Wij: Everything around Wij dies. Often includes himself too though. Fun carnage.
  • Gaz: Another good all-round player but started to lose interest due to the lure of teh gf !!!
  • Mirage: The token non-Halifax person. Demon DM4 dueller.
  • Grendel: Steady player, good in a holding role. Perhaps not as good as brother Gaz but less easily swayed by boobs. Booze is another story though.
  • Fox: Shit. Sorry, Phil.
  • Tery_Hatchett: Um - not as shit as Fox.
  • Evil_Goblin: Poached from MM. Why did we bother ?
  • Bean: Something of a pacifist.
  • AngryDaz: QW just wasn't his game. Has shown improvement in CS/BF.
  • Borg: Played with us in an MCW cup. Ex-MM leader. Good player. Southern accent crazily strong though.
  • Trebz: Joined us after the QW era as he was a Q2 lam0r at the time.
  • Pup: Also joined us after QW. Tried to teach us how to play CS. Failed.
  • Clicky: Bloke with a girls name. Mainly plays Battlefield.