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A fannykick is a magical event involving both a kicker and a kickee, also known as the giver and the receiver. In recent history, the very first fannykick ever was witnessed in the wild jungles of Ch3tan's parents' house. This monumental occasion coincided with the spontaneous creation of several black holes and a twist in the space-time continuum, as well as TdC's foot impacting MYstIC G's fanny at high speed.

The inventor, or rather requester of the fannykick, Trem has been known to try to kick himself in the fanny but until now has failed miserably in all attempts. Also Trem has not been able to find anyone willing to kick him in the fanny, as most well brought up folks will recognize Trem's front bottom as a zone of extreme hazard, rife with many known and unknown bacteria, virii, birds, cattle and other vermin.

Recently observed Kicks

Le Kick