FreddyBeer 2008

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Happening on the 11th of October in London, freddybeer 2008 #2 looks to be better than #1 in all respects, except Deebs will be there again. This event is invite only, but most people will be invited and only some will bother turning up, as usual. It will probably take the form of drinks and dinner followed by more drinks. At least one northern monkey is kipping on a sofa to attend so looking good so far.

FreddyBeer 2008 #1 was a gathering in Covent garden of (in order my brain remembers them):

Deebs Lecter Chilly Zarjazz Yoni MYstIC G Ch3tan Ignition

We ate in the Belgo restaurant (not bad, pushy staff though) and drank at some pubs.

Yoni kindly brought her camera along and took some photos: to fb18.JPG, this happened in July of 2008.