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Welcome to the FreddysWiki Code of Conduct (CoC)

When posting here please keep the following things in mind, because if you mess up then you'll be out of here faster than Ted the Dog can say "Mines a pint!" when it is someone else's round. Note that this is a loose guide, as we are the people who run this place in our spare time we reserve the right to be as relaxed or strict as we happen to feel like on the day in question.

If you have signed up simply to advertise a service or get your message across rather than participate in the community here we will delete your posts, ban your account and possibly publish email and ip addresses. You have been warned.

Your first posting action signals your agreement to these terms and conditions.

Remember, salesmen and women, marketing people and anyone with a message to preach are not welcome here. Most other people are, but we can't guarantee it.

We reserve the right to ban anyone for any reason!

FreddyWiki reserves the right to make any changes to this CoC as and when necessary. When this happens, all users are required to re-read and click a button to show acceptance. They cannot view the forums until they accept the new CoC. There is no ground to state that you do not know our rules, before you click on the acceptance button make sure you read this CoC (took long enough to type it in so you can at least read it!)

General Conduct

  • Respect your fellow wiki users. If you want to take issue with what they say then do so by sticking to the point, not by using your well honed skills in 1337 5p34k.
  • Personal attacks will not be tolerated, if you use the wiki to wage virtual war you aren't just a very sad individual who probably likes to bash the bishop to streaming goat pr0n but you will also not be welcome here.
  • If you need help ask for it, but search the wiki first in case your query has been asked before. Oh and make sure you post your question / plea for help for all to see, if you don't then you'll get moaned at. A lot.
  • If someone shares a little personal information then please respect this and don't take the piss out of them for doing so. e.g.. Let them come out of the closet with dignity.
  • You may not impersonate another wiki member or create an account specifically for the purpose of provoking other users. Also, accessing or using someone else's account or attempting to access another poster's account is strictly prohibited. You will be banned and all associated accounts will be banned as well.
  • All wiki users agree not to post any material that is protected by copyright, trademark or other proprietary right without the express permission of the owners of said copyright, trademark or other proprietary right. Especially portraying such work as your own. This is otherwise known as, "RIPPING". Rippers are not permitted here, and if you are caught stealing others work you will be banned. (Except when TdC borrows things, like this CoC, in a friendly way, a manly way, an "I'll buy ya a pint, Ted" way)

Posting Stuff

  • Posting should be done in English. Drunken English is also permitted so long as we can make sense of it without having to use a crack team of ex-KGB code breakers.
  • Strong language is okay, but fucking try not to fucking swear all the fucking time cos it is fucking annoying.
  • Racism and extreme political views are a no-no. We know Bush is a c**t anyway.
  • We permit image posting but use your common sense - vulgar, obscene or graphically pornographic images are not okay.
  • Posts that are generally harassing, offensive, abusive – especially those aimed at sexual orientation, gender, race, colour, religious views, national origin or disability – will not be tolerated.
  • Spamming is evil because it clogs up our wiki with needless messages and eats away at the bandwidth we use to download pr0n. Spam and you will burn in hell, win a nice 2 week ban and/or have your post count/virtual money edited to 0.
  • Copyrighted music, film or other similar material is not permitted to be posted on our wiki, neither are links to such files or links / details of methods of obtaining such material via online or offline means.
  • Don't post your or anyone else's email address in the wiki. If you want to share your email address make it available in your profile via the User CP on the forums] by allowing download of your Vcard or ask people to send you a private message. If you DO share it, we will hurt you and the retards will probably arrange for shedloads of spam to arrive in your inbox for years to come.
  • Nudity in images. To be blunt, Tits and Arse (Male and Female) are ok, Pussy and Dick are not as we don't want to get into the "is it a split beaver shot" or "has he got wood" nonsense. We're too old to be having these debates. Don't forget, you also should be respecting peoples copyright with respect to photographs. And no porn! No pictures of people shagging, even soft porn. Just DON'T! Oh, and if anyone thinks this means they can post that picture of the bloke with his hands up his own arse, think again. This means YOU too Wij!

All Not-Safe-For-Work material must only be posted when clearly labelled to avoid unpleasant surprises for readers at work. This means nude pictures should only be in pages starting: NSFW_
  • Don't tell people to "Die irl" or "Fuck off and Die of Aids" or anything like that. We've been doing wikis for years and we've never seen anything so childishly nasty as this trend. Don't say things to people on this forum that you wouldn't say to their face, and that's not a challenge to the macho arseholes out their to prove themselves. Sin and be banned probably for good. If you're nasty and unpleasant, you are not wanted
  • Trading - You can sell your mum to a brothel, your father to a rich S&M mistress, your kids into slavery, and your dog to the local Chinese takeaway for all we care, but if you do it via this wiki (or any other trading whatsoever) we won't be held responsible for any issues arising from it, howsoever caused. More specifically, try and trade a DAoC account here and you could well find yourself banned (and your soul sold to Deebs, also known as The Devil). We'll be happy to extend sentences in hell to people who wish to try to trade in things we haven't yet envisaged also, so be it husband or wife, or even mother in law, or anything else you try to trade, we MIGHT slap a ban on your head if we think it's needed. In other words, we don't really want people trading here.

Yes, I did pinch this from the FH CoC. I've also changed it slightly, and tbh even with a limp I think I can run faster than Ted the Dog so hopefully I shall never have to get him that pint ;-)

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