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Gale, also known in various circles as Poag

Member Since The Beginning? The End?
Location Wimbledon
Number of Bans A Few
Custom Title m00

Well Gale origially came with the plague that was DAoC, back from the start in, 98 [?] forming the guild on day one name "Guardians of Albion" with various players from Haloplayers.

Some months into DAoC GoA and a guild named Circle of Power merged into Guardians of Power.

Various stuff happened, patches came and went and eventually Gale was running GoP with a cadre of officers to do his evil bidding.

Around this point Jupitus said to Gale "Hey I've got a job coming up, want to apply for it?" 4 months later Jupitus was Gales boss and 2 years later, still thinks he is.

Then came WoW.

Poag was born to the Dragonblight EU server, since which time Juptius has had various amounts of epic items, screenshots and various other "Epix" things shoved in his face by his saddest member of staff.

With the release of BF2 Gale setup two servers, initially highly popular and packed out day after day the servers have since grown quiet with the increasing instability of the BF2 Server Code falling to the blame, along with decreasing player numbers.

With the soon to be released Battlefield 2142 and Enemy Territory:Quake Wars on the horizon, it is likly that the BF2 servers will be reappropriated to these two new games and the FreddysHouse presence in them.

It is said that Gale is known to be the single most evil FPS player in the history of the internet. Playing against him is often likened to taking on an army of gargantuan proportions armed with a wet tissue and slice of Dairylea. This is ofc based mostly on the fact that he'd be sitting in a BF2 plane high overhead bombing everyone to red mush while safe from harm due to the shit implementation of surface to air missles ingame :eek: