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Posters in the General Forum of FreddysHouse are the dessicated crusted remnants of the old General forum on BarrysWorld. They view the Dark Age of Camelot forums, and it's members, with a mix of suspicion and disdain, though this is mostly due to some bad apples in the DAoC forums making a sport of being lame.

The term generalites was invented by someone in the DAoC forums and was percieved by the General Forum users to be somewhat deragoratory. This was about the time that the term forumite was also coined. Nowadays there is some crossover traffic between the differing forums, mostly because not everyone is a cunt or a whining Swedish bastard and having nothing at all to do with the hard work of some people talking to other people. Some interests were even found to be shared, and the crossover(ites heh) went swimmingly for the most part.

On average the General Forum posters finding DAoC forum posters to be bearded freaks and the reverse finding being that all Generalites are abrasive cunts is true, but only on Thursdays on uneven weeks.

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Regulars on the General forum are (in no particular order and apologies to those who aren't yet listed) - Trem, Throdgrain, Leggy, TdC, Wij, Nath, Mank, JingleBells, DaGaffer, Shovel, Clown, Tom, Big G, Wazzerphuk, Brooky, Draylor, Dysfunction, Ono, Mobius, Catsby, Ch3tan, Will.