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Ignition's main claim to fame is acting as Community Liaison for the rather good FPS Soldier of Fortune 2 back in 2002. During a moment of shared insanity from TedTheDog and Natrat they saw fit to enlist said reprobate to help run the game.

It is a testament to the quality of the game that even with this incompetent cretin helping run it the game managed to retain a following and kept going strong for some time.

He took probably his best decision as liaison when he decided to leave and asked that The-Don, who he'd previously made an admin (2nd best decision) take over. The game went from strength to strength after this, strangely.

He is currently wasting people's time playing World of Warcraft. Formerly a member of The Lost Exiles, the Guild of Master Brewers and most recently OAP Guild on the Trollbane realm he went through a harder core raiding guild by the name of Murder, burned out, took a break and then disappeared to the Vashj realm which he regrets bitterly, and to the extreme pleasure of the whole of Vashj he is moving back to Trollbane. A day of celebration on Vashj and mourning on Trollbane is currently under organisation along with a petition to have all his characters on ignore as a default option rather than forcing people to actually add them manually.

He celebrated Christmas 2007 with a minor nervous breakdown and now having finally removed head from rectum is currently trying to convince everyone around him that he isn't a moaning, whinging, depressing, attention seeking git with so far pretty poor results having continued 2008 as he ended 2007. Presently trying to sort his head out and get a grip of that thing called life it can only be recommended to avoid said chap for the sake of your own sanity.

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