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MMM, Munch, Munch, Munch
Member Since 25th Mar 2004
Location Kidderminster
Number of Bans Zero
Custom Title Purveyor Of Useless Information
Console Tags
X-Box Live N/A
Nintendo Wii 5125 9369 4602 8462
Nintendo DS ??
Playstation 3 N/A


  1. A christmas song describing the unfortunate adventures of batman.
  2. Ex-student scum, often found lurking near mongolian BBQ.

JingleBells spends all his time on Google Earth compiling maps of sports stadia and circuits for no apparent reason, and adding random links in IRC all day whilst claiming to be 'at work'

Holds the mantle of the supporter of the lowest ranked football team, much to mank's annoyance.

Egg hating food heathen, wouldnt know a fryup if it hit him in the face.