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Member Since Dawn of Time
Location Somewhere Banning Someone
Number of Bans -1
Custom Title Old Grumpy


An old bloke who started gaming in Legend of Mir and continued through Dark Age of Camelot, then some poor performances in FPS games led to Planetside, Call of Duty, and most recently World of Warcraft. Notorious as an evil admin on FreddysHouse forums he is generally grumpy but mostly harmless....unless you count the "jadar incident"

Jup is rumored to be really old quite mature. He's been overheard discussing scrotal and other male front-bottom issues with Deebs.

Jup once had his router break, he got a new ISP and whined at BT for 2 weeks before he tested his router. Rumour has it next time Jup blows a light bulb he will be on the lookout for a new house.


Jupitus is so old he was asked to play the part of 150 year old Oro in the game Street Fighter 3.

Jupitus is over 150 years old

In the game he tied one arm behind his back so that he could not fight with his Mod_Stick.

Best drunk as a skunk gal pilot in Planetside (allough he never did find out where the generator was)

Jupitus was turned down when he auditioned for a role in Lord of the Rings. He was too short to portray a Hobbit.

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