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The official FreddysHouse Wiki!


This strange thing was concieved by TdC and made by the FH community. Enjoy at your own risk ;-)

This wiki is the combined (ongoing) history and community of the FreddysHouse forums on which myself and many others have been posting away like the preverbial 1.000.000 monkeys for the past couple of years, and for many happy years on the (now sadly defunct) old BarrysWorld forums before that.

The wiki has now officially been linked in from the forums! Welcome to the tsunami of new readers!

Recommended Reading

Wij, FreddysHouse, BarrysWorld, Deebs, TedTheDog, Boobs, GLEN, Reubs

Getting Started

First of you need to follow the very simple registration process and create yourself a user account. From then on, the wiki is your oyster, to make a very bad analogy. Checkout the help pages to find out how to edit and create articles. You can also find out what articles are needed by visiting the wanted pages.

Some extra useful pages to keep an eye on are the News page and the recent changes pages, to see what's going on.

Helpful stuff

New to wiki's? this may help you with stuff on wikitext and how formatting works! Wanting the quick and easy way? There's a growing amount of stuff in our local help section.

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