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Member Since 1998
Location Halifax
Number of Bans 0
Custom Title Camper (all lies)


Mesmer started FPS gaming back in 1992 when his old schoolmate Reubs sent him a copy of the original Wolfenstein 3D (on floppy disks, if you remember those). Aside from nearly losing him his gf (who went on to become wife) it proved to be a momentus occasion. Doom and Doom 2 followed, at which point multiplayer FPS gaming first arrived. That was it - totally hooked.

A few years later, QuakeWorld arrived and along with it team-based gaming. It was at this time that a little chap by the name of EvilGoblin came along and introduced us to BarrysWorld, the MCW and our long-running friendlies with Mere Mortals. This was also when we founded Desert Fox Clan. Good times.

It was joining BarrysWorld that proved to be a career-changing event however. They were in need of a couple of web apps developing, and Mesmer and Reubs stepped in to deliver. Reubs coded a Server Booking app that automated DrChris's Game Manager software. This basically stopped and started QW servers based on the config files generated by Reubs' app. Mesmer wrote an automated dialup account registration app, cunningly titled 0845. This meant TedTheDog no longer had to hand-craft auth files for every single BW user :)

When BarrysWorld got funding to go pro, Mesmer was lucky enough to be involved. It was gut-wrenching when it all went tits-up the following year, but again, Mesmer was fortunate to be among the few that Game employed to continue the service.

The Present

Mesmer still works at Game, currently as a dev on the retail website. He plays Counter-Strike regularly with other DFC members on Friday nights, and attends the top-drawer LAN sessions hosted by Lynx.