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As originally posted by [Deebs]

What to expect on migration day...

These are the steps I intend to make on Migration Day also known as October 21st (barring any critical stoppers):

   Turn the existing forums off at 1800hrs BST.
   Put up a holding page (which itself is lovely!, thanks ST^)
   Start the migration.
   Update the FreddysHouse Twitter Feed with my progress. (Twitter)
   Have a drink.
   It is expected that the migration will take me around 4-5 hours to complete as I will also be changing forum permissions, importing a new style, changing the structure to better fit in with the XenForo way of thinking which is a lot easier.
   Implement friendly URLs and redirection scripts for those that have bookmarked certain links.
   Install the mods and configure them.
   Turn the forums back on around 2300hrs BST.
   Drink a little more.
   Sit back and relax and enjoy the moment (ie. the leaving behind of VBulletin)

I will also be on IRC in #freddyshouse on Quakenet (webchat link) for any questions/general abuse/support so please pop in and have a chat.

Now on a serious note, are there any showstoppers, questions that need to be answered before Migration Day? Do any of you have any questions and answers for a FAQ?

The following will not be available once we migrate but do NOT worry, the data is intact and when a solution becomes available then it will be imported and carried on:

   The Blogs
   The Gallery
   Social Groups
   Dev Tracker

From a personal note I am looking forward to this, it is such a better experience in my opinion and I really enjoy posting on XenForo powered forums. Hopefully those that have actually played with the testforums will be able to provide feedback to other members that feel a little lost...

What could possibly go wrong?