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Having cut my teeth on Elite, Revs and Citadel on the Beeb, I was first drawn to PCs by Civilization, quickly followed by the original RTS, Dune 2. Early geek attempts to free up enough extended memory to load the mouse driver on my 286 failed so I had to give it up when the RSI kicked in, if Trebz thinks DAOC was bad he should try RTS on keyboard only :p

I snail mailed Mesmer a copy of Wolfenstein on its release, little knowing that would be the start of our joint FPS gaming habit, eventually careers. I still remember the anticipation, then amazement that DOOM invoked. My guitar playing mate in our band Skon brought me a copy, soon Mesmer, Skon and I were buying coax network cards to run personal netware and network DOOM. E1M5 still haunts my dreams on occassion, walking out of that door into the middle quadrange to take a pre-empted rocket in the face....

Early DOOM Lan

Windows 95 saw us buy our first hub, and first multiplayer RTS, Command and Conquer. Marshalling tank armies led to my first online nick RommelReubs. By this time the three of us were working for the Halifax where Bob's wife was my first boss, so it didn't take long to get him hooked into the group.

From here on, everyone who joined our Halifax dev team got initiated into QW, until eventually we found someone who already played and more than that, introduced us to a dialup service so we could play QW online. So I guess we've got to blame Evil_Goblin for introducing us to BarrysWorld.

As our numbers grew we decided we ought to have one of these gaming clan things we'd been reading about on BW. Mesmer and I thought Desert Fox (Rommel's nick) sounded quirky, so we chose that and I promptly dropped the Rommel to become just Reubs, and have stuck with it ever since.

check back for stories of the odd quiet little skinny fellow who joined our dev team to program passbook printers and turned out to have such a dark future ahead of him....

the real picture from others

Reubs started his interweb life as [DF]RommelReubs, reflecting his open Nazism. As time went by his clan-mates wanted to emphasise more of the QW side of the clan and less of the rallies and annexing so, reluctantly, he dropped the Rommel to become plain old Reubs. Frankly he was better at the hate-mongering than game-playing.

Through his dubious game-playing he ended up becoming a programmer on the website at BarrysWorld, then converted to the dark side and became a project manager/development director. Famous for spending all day on the phone.

He was also the driving force behind BarrysWorld getting funding back in the dark days, also helped with the GAME deal, which caused some of his hair to go grey. (todo - was this what caused his gut to go fat too ?) Curiously, the person he spent most time on the phone to, DaGaffer, also went grey.

Now works at Game as development manager or some such, requires less phoning, but probably about the same amount of talking!

Apparently he eats a lot of pies...

Clan: The Lost Exiles

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