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Rocket Arena was a mod originally made for Quakeworld way back when, and was called Final Arena. Rocket Arena 2 was subsequently made for Quake 2 and then to Quake 3 as RA3.

RA3 players could typically be found on the Jolt "RA3MAP1 Only" server, and the map lives on to this day as a firm favourite. In the early days it was generally only Europeans and a few lucky city-dwellers in the UK who had broadband, so matches were punctuated with lag and arguments about which servers to use. Many players on Dial-up and ISDN had alternate, more expensive connections for serious match use in order to minimise lag. A phrase grew up around many UK players - "Spamming like a Belgian" - which referred to our European brethren using copious amounts of projectile weapons when entering an area, which caused unspeakable lag for the dial-up users.

Favourite maps included the RA3MAP1 1v1 arena, Thunderstruck, RA3MAP11 Clan arena (Overkill - still played today) and RA3MAP4 Clan arena (Castle Deathstalker).

Shortly after the remade mod was released by CRT, popularity boomed. Clans were spawned left, right and centre and the demand for servers and competitions grew. The biggest and best of the new leagues was the BarrysWorld Rocket Arena 3 League (BWRA3L) which began in earnest with 5 divisions and clans clamouring to join. Savage started shortly after with their own league, and others came from Clanbase and later Jolt


Most of the big names in European RA3 played in the leagues at one point or another, including (but not limited to) the following...

There was a huge amount of rivalry that grew up amongst the stalwart clans, compounded by how well the players knew one another.


Rocket Arena is still around, and Rocket Arena 4 was recently released for Quake 4. CPMA became the mod of choice for many at one point, offering almost identical gameplay but far more in the way of options. Many of the maps are still popular on OSP Clan Arena servers in Europe.