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Recruited by Cro to create a guide or two and became part of the BarrysWorld team Post-Funding to develop content and create guides. Also ended up handling BarrysWorld Support, running the BWCSL (BarrysWorld Counter-Strike League) and BWUTL (BarrysWorld Unreal Tournament League) for 2 seasons and bugging Trebz for the yearly xmas decorations.

SAS also ran a popular column where he would pick topics of interest effecting the gaming community around the time and discuss them together with comments from other gamers.

In the GAME era SAS's role was an Assistant Editor.


SAS can be found posting news and writing guides on FreddysHouse. He's also jotting down ideas for a book, but has yet to start it.

To be continued...

Clans and Gaming

Clan wise SAS was a founding member of the CS-B when he regularly played Counter-Strike. He later became a member of HAI for some team Operation Flashpoint, Tribes 2 and random co-op gaming of newly released game demos. He can now be found sneaking around Battlefield 2 and scratching his head at Rome: Total War - Barbarian Invasion.

Clan: Counter-Strike Buckshots

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