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Member Since 2006 i was found alseep inside a gravey box
Location home of the gravey lovers
Number of Bans 00
Custom Title northen boy.

one dull morning jimmy was doing his normal thing of eating gravy from a tin when he heard a knock at his door, jimmy went to the door and found a strange man at his door claiming to be here to install his interweb, jimmy not knowing what the interweb was allowed the stranger in to install the interweb.

3 hours later jimmy was hooked on to the interweb and looking at a game called the world of warcraft, an hour later he had found something called teamspeak and it was at that point that jimmys mind begain to allow the evils of sydric,deebs woolley,yonisan and mikeC to corrupt his mind with the word cunt and other such evil things. to his surprise he like what he was hearing and allowed them to contine to this date jimmy can not rember a time where he did not know the words which has become second nature to him.

jimmy can be found pulling his hair out @ his local lan centre or on ts worshiping the gravy god which is sydric

Clan: The Lost Exiles

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