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Starman in his EDF Energy Network coveralls - circa Nov 2006.
Starman circa 2001
The night Starman left his webcam running overnight.
Frankie the Cat that was a favourite of Athena. Sadly the fucking cat passed away a number of years ago.

Starman started his gaming with dialup Duke3D then in mid 1998 moved online with QuakeWorld. He then progressed to Quake 2 as a member of Clan Metal or [MTL] which played in the UKCCL league, Wireplay, and also BarrysWorld. At the time they had a channel on QuakeNet called #metal.

Starman mainly played on the BarrysWorld servers and so starting idling within the #barrysworld channel. He then moved onto being a community admin for Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force. A Quake 3 engine based FPS which was at the time had a small dedicated following. The clan he created, Deep Space Nine: Hazard Team or [DS9] which had a few successes during its time but as the game died down the clan then finally folded. He continued being a public admin for STV: Elite Force for a while leading up to the eventual shut down of BarrysWorld.

Since the shut down of BarrysWorld he has mainly been an idler within the FreddysHouse IRC channel - FreddysHouse on QuakeNet. He currently plays Battlefield 2, along with a number of MMORPG such as World of Warcraft (within The Lost Exiles guild), and Everquest 2. He Also is apparently an Network Oper on QuakeNet.

The rumour that I am a huge fan of David Bowie, and that my name is based on the song of the same name is entity false.

Clan: The Lost Exiles

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