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In the land of whiny hunters Stoffokles (or Kiffy as he is lovelingly known as) is king...

One of the newest members to the world of freddy and all its wierd perversions

Stoffokles recently retired from WoW and could be found running around the real world in a frenzied state of panic.

When/if he would return the the World of Warcraft and it's pixel goodness was unclear. '

After being clean for over a month Stoffokles was sucked back into the World of Warcraft due to various reasons, most of which involved an unnatural craving for pie, humping random strangers' legs and killing lower level players with the motto "Stoffokles - Because those newbs won't pwn themselves...".

At the moment he is, as always, killing lower level players; showing up late for raids; dancing naked and freaking out Dex by wearing dodgy, if any, pants.

"Stoff" made his film debute in 2006 with one of the lead roles in the blockbuster flick "TLE vs Ony" [1]. In said movie the guild The Lost Exiles attempts to down Onyxia, an ettempt which ends in a whipe at 1% hp. Stoff, being the last person in the raid alive did not feel to eager to be eaten and at the sight of Onyxia and her spawn uttered the comment which has since become famous: "Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit!!!". He has since appeared in some independent movies such as "TLE 2v2 Fight Night". Rumors say he's being cast for a role in "TLE vs Rags" in which The Lost Exiles will repeat their successfull Ony whipe at Ragnaros in MC.

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