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A student is a lazy person that has decided they enjoy not working so much they want to spend another three, four or more years in the education system. Once a student is forced out of the system they are often scared by what most people find normal -- having a job.

Students often claim the reason they became students was so that they had better job prospects when they leave university, this is an outright lie. Students becomes students to be lazy, eat, drink, shag and experiment.

Students often wear long Matrix type coats and have whispy attempts at beards on their chins. They think that all terrorists are great and that they should be left alone to explode things at their pleasure, this comes from not having any idea of how the world works.

Students generally vote for either Labour or the Sit Down All Day and Be a Tramp party.

Students are also known to be annoying, poor and generally skinny beings who plague the internet with cries of 'I want an upgrade for 30 shillings!' at the same time as boasting about their 12ms ping times to Wellington, New Zealand via JANET.

Best known for stealing from the rich (aka 'working populus') to give to the pub.

Opposite of Tax Payer, according to the nice bitter lady in Odeon's ticket booth, Southampton.

Students also learn stuff which helps keep the world going round, dont be such a cunt deebs.

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