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Member Since 2000 (ish) i dont know ive been very drunk since then
Location Norfolk (someone has to live here)
Number of Bans to my knowledge 0
Custom Title Cunt.

The arrival of the new millenium also forced one lonely Norfolk lad to join t'internet revolution. In 2000 Sydrik joined BarrysWorld via his association with alienpants and brought his unique blend of well timed sarcastic insults to the IRC network. Having formulated many a close friendship and by paying some well timed bribes and sexual favours he now sits happily idle in FreddysHouse IRC with a + by his name.

After some abuse of the 'quotes' section and general insulting of Deebs and other FH regulars Sydrik moved on to World of Warcraft. He is now found on The Lost Exiles teamspeak channel mercilessly insulting people whom know nothing about him and is often spotted in a dark corner of Ironforge on Trollbane playing with his oversized floppy man-boobs

According to the general population on the Trollbane server, especially the members of The Lost Exiles, Sydrik is considered to be a cunt. He is however not any mere cunt but the brood mother of all cunts. Some research performed on the subject actually suggests that Sydrik, during one of his numerous failed attempts to chat up random birds, actually managed to get a murloc home with him. From this unholy union spawned the many entities we today know as cunts.

EDIT: Deebs ofc, being older than time itself, has technically been a cunt longer than Sydrik. The relationship between the two is however a mystery and for everyones sake it shall so remain...

!!EDIT!!! sydric has been roumered to have been made lord of gravy by his loyal northen boys who worship the ground he walks on..

Clan: The Lost Exiles

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