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Much loved quake 2 player, also known as s00z this fiesty little (and cute) northern irish country girl (that affectionatly refers to Athena as quake mummy) and that was never to sure which side she batted for, was last seen DJ'ing her way across Belfast, under her new guise of DJ SwitchBlade Kitten


During her drinking days, friends of s00z were known to take advantage of her featherweight frame, and play a game called "pass the s00z" which envolved picking her up and passing her round the bar like a toy. She doesn't drink anymore.

Whilst most (normal) woman enjoy a long hot soak in a bath filled with luxurious bubble baths s00z bathes in hot steaming bath of ....fairy liquid. her theroy being, if its kind to your hands surely its kind to the rest of you. "Hands that do dishes can feel soft as your face body with mild green Fairy Liquid"

She used to be a lesbian, then she met Steve.

She has 3 cats. Mojo, Spud and ... Nigel.