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Ted (aka Ben) founded BarrysWorld with Deebs (aka Antonioioio).

He is noted mainly for his foot-odour, his potent farts, his inappropriate hair and his bizarre sexual preferences.

Ted once gave TdC and Will prizes at a Barrybeer for being the People-turning-up-having-travelled-the-furthest. It actually should have gone to DJ Pringle, who had flown in from Vietnam be he was disqualified cos he was staying in a posh hotel on expenses while Teeds and Will (and some others) had to stay in Scoob's house.

Teds History by Ted rather than that loon TdC

(work in Progress)

Clan History

Guild History

  • A Guild I cant remember the name of! DAoC for the first free month alone. Wasnt really me.
  • The Lost Exiles - WoW Guild 2005 onwards. PVP Alliance on Trollbane. This is my social guild where Deebs plays. Dont really play there anymore, just go to chat
  • Head Hunters - WoW Guild 2005 the left then rejoined in early 2006. PVP Horde on Outland. My main guild

Gaming History Played multiplayer from the Falcon days back in 1987 using a null modem cable between 2 Atari ST's. Eventually that led to the inevitable Doom and then Doom2 LAN parties, using coaxial cable networks and command line networking (we have it so easy these days).


Clan: The Lost Exiles

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Clan: Heavily Armed Iguanas

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