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To make a new clan, you need to create a new template.
Code for an clan box looks like this:

{{Clan Squad Start|teamname=The A Team|bgcolor=#DD0000|textcolor=white|bordercolor=gold}}
{{Clan Member|name=[[Hannibal]]}}
{{Clan Member|name=[[Mr T]]}}
{{Clan Member|name=[[The Face]]}}
{{Clan Member End|name=[[Murdoch]]}}

It's made of 3 templates:

  • Clan Squad Start template defines the colours for the header, and creates a link to the main page of the team (same as the teamname)
  • Clan Member template adds a member to the squad, and puts a '|' (pipe) after their entry
  • Clan Member End adds a member, but leaves out the pipe, the last person for the squad should be this template

To insert the box into a page, you then use the following notation:

If you called your clan template: "Test Clan Squad", add

{{Test Clan Squad}}

to the bottom of each page you want the box on

Like so:

Clan: The A Team

Hannibal | Mr T | The Face | Murdoch