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Thadius (or Thad) is a legendary moaner, usually found lurking in Off Topic.

Spawned from the Dark Age of Camelot forums, Thadius has since quit that game due to GOA's incompetence and the fact he is a lazy student bum with no money for subs.

Thadius made an even bigger mess of his wiki page than Dukat

He also apparently fails hard according to Jupitus and TdC.


Thad has been involved in several "feuds" with other FH members, most notably Gamah(who doesn't have?) and Manisch. He is also known to slag off Joor at every opportunity, usually after Joor has posted ANOTHER bullshit conspiracy video.

Is he gay?

Thadius is a confusing fellow, most notably attempting sexual relations with Vladamir, Outlander and occassional sexy parties with Overdriven. Attempts to sex Seel have gone unnoticed, only time will tell if the seel and the human can cross breed.

ChodaX is Thad's bumfriend and enjoys being penetrated nightly by Thad's massive member.


Thadius liked to make polls, even more than having anal pentration and pints of Tetley's. Recently, Thadius returned to FHOT and declared a poll war on an upstanding member called Olgaline claiming that he had stolen his gimmick..Unfortuatly for Thadius, a lot of time had passed, and so had the people of Fhot..and thus no one, including Olgaline really cared or paid much attention to thadius' war...and soon Thadius returned to the undying flamelands from which he had disappeared to so long ago.....