The Lost Exiles

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Very Social World of Warcraft guild, which developed out of Guild of Master Brewers currently led by MikeC(Toyckis) and Yoni(Yonisan). Rumoured to be a fast emerging guild of L33t players due to progress made in killing some of the uglier boss mobs in World of Warcraft. This is, however, a misnomer. The guild will never be l33t as it contains that cunt Sydrik and his dwarf puppet Jupitus, along with the lamentable Kosh. Any players attempting to succeed will be dragged into the depths of despair by use of an evil Jupitus tactic known as the Jadar.

Clan: The Lost Exiles

Adari | brother_beard | Deebs | Dex | Father_Beard | FuzzyLogic | Lego | Jupitus | Kosh | Milrinone | MikeC | Mother_Beard | mr. Blacky | Reubs | Revanchist | Salteh | SheepCow | Sirofsake | Starman | Stoffokles | Sydrik | Tathial | TedTheDog | Vae | Woolley | Yoni