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Trebz' dog has udders. The BW regulars spent many hours per day reminding him of this.

Q2 modding

Trebz also used to do Quake 2 mods and maps. What a lam0r !!!11

Xmas decs

Trebz used to make the Christmas decorations for BarrysWorld. He got lazier and lazier and finally, after massive amounts of threats and harassment, the community took over. It's not known if Trebz ever left the pub he requested asylum in.

About Trebz, by Trebz, in 3rd person

Original joined the interweb as an AOL luser way back in god knows when. Introduced to BarrysWorld dialup service when it was launched and began playing the awesome Quake 2 mod LMCTF. Decided he wanted to help out more on BarrysWorld and submitted some designs into a logo/redesign competition, didn't get picked, but that's cos it was art and they didn't understand it!

Not entirely sure at what point it occured, but he joined lots of mod teams, such as Twisted Matrix who made the awesome mod Rob The Strogg for Quake 2. He was also a member of another team who made Oblivion (a mod, not the RPG), and also another team, which he can't recall the name of, but had Gestalt as the team leader, and they made a mod too!

He also made a bunch of Quake 2 Deathmatch maps, which iD Software decided were good enough to go on there one and only Quake 2 netpack, Extremities. That was pretty awesome, and he made enough money to buy a P3 450, which cost him about a grand, but still ran level editing tools like a dog.

Back to BarrysWorld, and still determined to get a foot in the door, applied as a News admin, which lasted about a week before Reubs spotted he could do basic HTML and asked him to join the webdev team and re-design the website, which until then had been run by RobertJ. From there progressed a year or two of volunteer work while at college, up until the point BarrysWorld got funding and he was offered a part-time job continuing work on the website and a content management system.

Upon finishing college, intended to have a month or two off and do exciting things, like play games all day. Instead, went full time at BarrysWorld the week after I quit college, to get paid and play games all day (thats a lie).

At BarrysWorld his main responsibility was the website, but he also wrote a cool PHP content management system called Neville, and developed a backend system for querying the game servers, to be used along with BarryBar.

When BarrysWorld liquidised, he was very sad, as it might mean he had to get a real job, but thanks to DaGaffer and all the effort from Reubs he managed to get a job working on the Game.Net incarnation of BarrysWorld.

to be continued


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