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Trem's old avatar
Member Since 22nd Dec 2003
Location President of the Bumpkins Fanclub.
Number of Bans ?
Custom Title S.F.W

Trem is clearly the most farcical male on FreddysHouse as voted for by the majority of his family. Someone (Jup and Teedles) was mental enough to make him a mod of General but so far he has not abused it as many thought he would although rabid baboon levels of self-abuse were reached, and sustained for periods that would induce a normal man's prostate to implode. Staying away from FH while drunk solved this worry but did nothing regarding the extreme onanism.

Trem is getting married in 2008 to a girl who hasn't sussed him out yet. Her name is Samm. Trem is currently the most notable Notable Idiot of FreddysHouse.

Trem wins wars against birds, against incorrect sandwich spackers and also against those stupid enough to fix their toilet roll the wrong way round. Trem has never been wrong on any of the above ever in his own mind.

He is a member of a CSS clan called KEA, currently the longest running clan in Enemydown. Trems mate throdgrain got him into the clan about 8 years ago and has regretted it ever since. KEA lose lots of games but laugh their tits off while doing so.

Meg and Ch3t adore Trem, he is possibly their foremost hero and there is probably a more sexual relationship going on between McPorno and Trem.

Trem misses babs, a well known Katie Melua look-alike, albeit slightly hairier.

Clan: Kill Em All

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