Unreal Tournament

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UT is the successor to the popular Unreal. It's one of the few games that TdC once played with moderate incompetance. After a hiatus, TdC and Wazzerphuk got together and played a few matches, in which Wazz took great pleasure in turning poor Teedles into red mist as often as he could.

A sudden spree of UT games were organized out of IRC channel #wij (meaning lots of people have been in Wij at some point or another), and amongst others TdC, Wazz, Wij, Bigbb, pcg79, MYstIC G, Summo and a lot of other people (memory's failing me guys, sorry. make yourselves known then!) played. Mostly I can remember G always stepping in front of me just when I got the 8ball gun loaded, Wij dancing about with the translocator like a world class ballerina and Wazz being an unstoppable death machine. Espcially 1vs1 o0

Wij always won at whatever he was doing, because he's speshul and sees things differently.