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Member Since '99? I think it was 99...
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TdC is an old BarrysWorld member who moved to FreddysHouse when the end of BW occured. Nowadays he spams considerably less, doesn't have sex with Wij and mods the General Forum when he's awake.

TdC used to be a unix nerd but right now he's not really sure if he still likes that. He also enjoys mountain biking, mucking about on the interweb, long and relaxing p00s, drawing stuff for FH, being yoghurted and any woman who comes too close :-)

Recently TdC has been spotted in the DAoC Off Topic forum (written about here, where he conspired to get people he didn't know to post pics of their bottoms scrawled with strange incantations.

ye olden daze

TdC first came to BarrysWorld after he spent a very frustrating evening playing Unreal trying to kill some people who just wouldn't die. Normally one would conclude that this was because Teedles sucks badly at most FPS games, but these guys really...just...wouldn't...die... and very nearly caused TdC to expire by frustration fueled explosive flatulence. So, a day or two after the near-explosion TdC entered something along the lines of "unreal cheats" into a search engine and promptly discovered a thread on BarrysWorld by a bloke called Borg discussing fair play in games in general. Teedles was so glad to have found a haven of like-minded people that he promptly signed up and probably made his greatest forum post ever. Much along the lines of

Hi! My name is testin_da_cable and I think cheats are lame just like Borg does it's nice here :)

Naturally TdC had no idea what he was letting himself become addicted to. Within a few months he was a crusty shell of his former self, working or sitting at home bathed in the glow of several CRT's. It even came to the point that he changed his work desktop backgrount to a certain shade of green so that his coworkers couldn't tell if he was on the forums or not.

Growing in to the world class spammer he was to become, TdC managed to nudge out TUG, Embattle, Wij and some other people (sorry guys) to become top poster at BW at something like 15000 posts. Naturally the content was pish, but Teedles was proud of his dedicated effort, especially when he got together with his mate Wij and gave rival games emporium Jolt the shock of their life by visiting their forums and racking up a huge amount of posts, friendly banter and upset people using rather nasty words in a very short time. Teedles was amazed to find that the joltsters actually knew who he and Wij were, and seemed to be in awe of the spamming duo's prowess at the keyboard.

TdC mellowed out a bit as he got older, drank less coffee and lessened wacking off to interweb pr0n like a spastic monkey on crack (lies!). He likes to think his posts have improved content-wise (super lies!), and there are moments where he likes to believe that the fact that he and other people, by merely keeping at it and keeping up talking to others, have averted disaster now and then.


Yes, TdC likes playing all kinds of games. Amongst others and in random order he's played: Doom, Doom 2, Doom 3, Unreal, Unreal Tournament, Tribes 2, Quake 2, Call of Duty, Call of Duty 2, Neverwinter Nights (with the Shadows of Undrentide and Hordes of the Underdark expansions), TES:Morrowind, TES:Oblivion, Battlefield 2, Elite, Half-Life, Half-Life 2, Duke Nukem 3d, X2:The Threat, Privateer 2:The Darkening, Red Alert, Civilisation II, Civilization IV, Warhammer:Dawn of War, Dawn of War:Winter Assault and scores of others that failed to make enough of an impression to remember or simply just got forgotten. He still wistfully lusts after Dark Messiah of Might and Magic and is playing Battlefield 2142 and Warhammer:Mark of Chaos badly .

Mostly this means that TdC enjoys shooting things with large hand-cannons, but sometimes dabbles in the odd RPG, space-opera or RTS on the side.

On Thursday the 24th of May 2007, TdC played his first ever online game of CSS with Jupitus, Throdgrain, Trem, Dukat and some of the other lads from KEA. During the swearing and bouts of drunken singing he managed to score a 0.3 K/D ratio, meaning that he was dead most of the time, but he had a lot of fun even though the KEA people prolly found him somewhat quiet :-) Most notable event during the games was that TdC was somewhat better than Jupitus ;-)


TdC tend to get a bit pissed off by foolish people in the world who try to blame violent video games for random acts of violence that occur in the world. He sometimes writes about these blamings on his website and usually duplicates his more sarcastic ramblings to the FreddysHouse forums. Also, the foolish people should be aware that TdC plays lots of violent video games and is thus by their reckoning an extremely dangerous individual and shouldn't be messed with too much.

Incidentally, TdC blames all violence in the world on kittens, as everyone knows that kittens are extremely evil death-machines that wish humanity no good at all.


TdC is somewhat active in the FH general community, usually trying to get other people to do stuff they'd normally do just fine without his meddling, expose parts of themselves, be creative or otherwise do communityesque things together. He tends to use competitions to galvanize unsuspecting forumites into swathes of frantic action, most often with a homemade prize waiting at the end of the tunnel for the lucky (debatable) winner. Recently TdC was responsible for the DAoC OT fan-sign competition, won by Ezteq, and a quickie one-off best wikipage competition, once again in the DAoC OT forum which was won jointly by Gamah and old.Tohtori. It is rumored that TdC is plotting more fun and games for the future....

TdC makes the promised prizes himself, using a free image manipulation program called GIMP, but as he's barely started to get on it he's in no way, shape or form good at it :) (as Congax was kind enough to point out in the forums until he heard from old.Tohtori that TdC's pics had certain special properties ;))

Currently TdC is busy (lies) working on designs for things that Freddy may be pimping in the future!

Here's a wee gallery of pics that Teedles has made over the years:

Mountain Biking

Once apon a time in the recent past TdC suffered an accident while biking (one of many) and managed to break his right leg in three places. Dispite vaguely feeling a bit like a lemon, there are now extra metally bits in Teedles' leg making him 101.3% leet. Near the end of 2006 the shiny bits were removed again, with the exception of one screw and TdC has reverted to being merely 100.2% leet. When he's honest TdC admits being scared as hell of the surgeons clamouring to poke him with sharp bits of steel, though his limp has improved slightly since the op. TdC took the titanium bits that the surgeon removed back to his house, and now enjoys freaking people out by touching them with the ti rods.

TdC enjoys building mountain bikes, and has built up several different ones over the years. Currently he owns "only" two, but there are plans to get a road/touring bike thing. One could argue that it may well be that TdC likes to build bikes more than he likes to ride them, but riding is fun too people! Just going up hills is a bit of a pain :/ Currently TdC rides an On-One Scandal, that he has a write-up about on his personal site here and has an North Shore Extreme Bitch, with a write-up here.

Though TdC pretends to be an avid mountainbiker, there are several people on the forums who severely outclass him in many ways (not only biking), amongst others, Will, who goes on trips to the Alps (steep and high, a combination that causes TdC to break out in twitchy scrote syndrome, when applied to mountain biking) and competes in races and stuffs like that.

Dutch Tradition

TdC is becoming increasingly known for his patriotic efforts to continue the famous Dutch traditional pastime of Swaffling. His record to date is not in doubt except by some more dubious members of FreddysHouse, specifically Ch3tan. Having raised the bar to the dizzy heights of Elephant swaffling, he took a change of direction and seemingly took his swaffling [underground]. His pro-active denial of responsibility is a well-known TdC trait when trying to deflect attention to his glorious moments of fame, being somewhat shy and retiring.