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[[image:The google eyed Skull & Crossbones of Vae's Avatar]]
Member Since 23 Dec 03
Location On the high accounting sea
Number of Bans 0
Custom Title Strong Words, Softly Spoken
Vae, as seen last New Year's Eve drinking a godfather and "generally looking a bit god damn dapper and hunky"

Vae is another one of the DAoC exiles (he was a Guild Leader of Guardians of Power on Alb-Prydwen for a long time) who moved to the general forums as his interest in DAoC waned. He then joined up with other FreddysHouse members in Planetside as part of BarrysSquad before moving with most of them to WoW where he is one of The Lost Exiles

IRL, he is known to most of his mates as 'MR NICE.' It may sound a bit 'reservoir dogs-esque' but, it is, unfortunately true. With never a bad word to say about anyone, he is one of the planets true gentlemen and a diplomat. Normally quiet unless he has something important to add to the conversation, he has a definite cheeky streak and has a habit of terrorising his girlfriend by tickling her and pressing the talk button at the same time....thereby deafening anyone who has the misfortune to be listening. Anyway, everyone loves Vae......its sickening really....

Clan: The Lost Exiles

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