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Member Since 28th Dec 2003 (FH)
Location Damn i was hoping you could tell me.
Number of Bans 0
Custom Title Ker dabble durgle, durgle dargle.

Known by many names over time. Most recently as RandomBastard and RandomIce but in the past names have included SmirnoffIce, Ice, Ice-UK all with as many ' s as needed to get a name on quakenet. No matter what alias he uses a silver bullet will do him in.

Was banned from the HAI channel for singing the theme badly and generally being annoying. And being a wolf.

Was a BW league admin for Counter-Strike at one point.

Possibly a member of CS-B for a short period of time, or at least got thouroughly asswiped by them in practises for an extended period of time.

(Was definetly not a member of CS-B, not with those scouting skills. Ch3tan)

Goes by the tag of MrWibbler on XBox Live