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Chairman Meow
Member Since fucking ages
Location Edinburgh
Number of Bans I do the banning around here
Custom Title Chairman Meow
Console Tags
X-Box Live Chairman Will
Nintendo Wii
Nintendo DS
Playstation 3

Will is everyones favourite mod. Which confuses the hell out of him, since he doesn't really do anything at all. Maybe that is the secret.

A long long time ago, in a time far far away, Will got a PC, and developed a serious Counterstrike addiction. This somehow led him to BarrysWorld, where he seemed to fit in fairly well. When it became Game.net, he was made mod of the General forum, and his powers were increased to supermod when once everyone was settled into FreddysHouse.

The Counter-Strike addiction is in remission now, and Will spends his time mountain biking, and playing an Xbox 360.

Will has recently broken his toe. Hahaha!

Which is a pleasant change from the six broken ribs in eighteen months.

Will has metal in his penis, which must of swayed Kat into dating him as she is a sexy (but miserable as fuck to Trem) lady

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