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Showed us all a picture of his wang on IRC by covering the link up as some nudey bird with big titties.

Legend. Say no more....

Wolfy was a very red-blooded Welsh man. He played Counter-Strike and ran the CS-B clan, he also admined on BWCS servers. Wolfy spent many hours on IRC telling everyone who was paying attention of his sexual adventures and fantasies. He took a picture of his cock with a birds name written on it in biro as part of some bizzare webcam related chat room sex with a rather old and large woman, this was the picture that was shown is mentioned above.

One of the many memorable stories he told on-line involved the time he walked in on his sister pleasuring herself with a shampoo bottle in the bathroom. We don't have the pics of that particular incident but Wolfy was kind enough to let us have one of his sister so we could "picture things" for ourselves.

Wolfy was truly a legend, and a jolly nice bloke too. (But you wouldnt let him near a member of your family, ever, young, old, male, female, EVER.)

Clan: Counter-Strike Buckshots

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