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Spunked, sperminated, money-shotted, creamed on.

May also mean the throwing of yoghurt done by those following the cult of Wij. Wij being an extremist vegan, he only eats right-turning molecule chained, semi acidic yoghurt that he makes himself with starter cultures approved by the vegan grand-master.

Interesting aside

Wij just made this up and put it in various pages to get to the top of the wanted pages :)

Even more interesting aside

TdC knew this all along, and is miffed that it took him three days to come up with the yoghurt-eating wij cultists.

Puerile aside

You said 'come up' :D ppffffft :)

Even more puerile aside

Sharma thinks that the ppffffft is a synonym for doing the royal gas release manoeuvre.

The most interesting and puerile aside

By MYstIC G:This page now comes up as the first result in the big G if you search for Yoghurted... \o/