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Member Since 22nd Dec 2003
Location Croydon
Number of Bans zero
Custom Title Respect the Hoff
Console Tags
X-Box Live Ch3tan
Nintendo Wii 1066 4825 7110 8225
Nintendo DS N/A
Playstation 3 N/A

Ch3tan joined the BarrysWorld forums after being introduced to Counter-Strike in 1999 by MYstIC G. DeathAce got sick of sorting out cheaters, tkers and twats every 5 minutes on the BWCS servers and so eventually caved in and gave Ch3tan rcon access to the servers.

He spent most of his time when he was addicted to CS playing on BWCS11 and BWCS12. Ch3tan enjoyed the witch hunt years of CS by waving a big ban stick around, and never abused rcon access by changing maps or kicking people that were killing him, no sir.

These days he spends his time lurking on FreddysHouse reading the pointless babble and occasionally adding his own equally pointless babble.

He was also a sexy babe in the BarrysWorld_Sims_House who got regularly yoghurted by TdC, but only cos he was gagging for it. He still is for that matter :-)


Ch3tan is a clan whore, and as such has been in many clans, many of them at the same time. The more memorable ones were:

  • cOw -Can of Whoopass, first proper CS clan he played in
  • MCNP -Socialist CS clan led by Will
  • CS-B -CS clan that consisted of a great many BW Admins.
  • HAI -Orignally formed to play Tribes 2, played a great many games, more of a social club than a real clan.

Clan: Counter-Strike Buckshots

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