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FreddysHouse is something most of us have been doing for a while now. It's a forum where people talk about games, current affairs, people's choices of house paint colours, what they've had for breakfast, what kind of telly they should get, that they've been snapped by a Gatso, if a PS3 sucks more, less or equally as much as the Xbox3, that they've upgraded / broken / fixed / infested their own / family / kids / friends computer with pr0n / ram / 8 cpus (no, really) / a new gfx card that rocks / sucks / is better that yours anyway :p

FH is a strange magnet that is keeping a lot of people who generally have never seen each other together and talking through the good (and bad) bits of their lives. Some are reasonably successful, some are students, some are trying to manage as best they can and some may well be 67 year old american kiddiefiddlers doing their best to groom the lot of us.

Some of us have met up and done Freddybeers together, some have left, others have joined and a few have been banned. We've been invaded, spammed, things have gone hopelessly wrong, people have died, kids have been born, houses have been bought, interforum wars have been averted, people have gotten married and we've bitched about just about everything possible and somehow managed to play lots and lots of computergames while getting on with our lives. Good stuff.

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