Operation Flashpoint

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HAI demonstrating how not to pilot helicopters in Operation Flashpoint

A game created by Bohemia Interactive giving players the chance to go to war as the US against a soviet army in a ficticious island setting somewhere in the world.

OFP was a brilliant game that suffered from a lack of popularity because of it's awful netcode and massive system demands. These improved over time, but too late to gain OFP mainstream success.

Game.net ran an OFP server with occasional nights where the server was filled, not to capacity but enough to play a game of something. Quite often these OFP nights consisted of Will and Ch3tan alone playing the same mission over and over. They never did manage to complete it.

Its popularity wained over the years and it died languishing in a pile of nothingness, because people forgot about it.

OFP was also played by HAI, missions were very rarely succesfull and often resulted in friendly fire incidents and people being run over by badly driven vehicles.

Part of the attraction of OFP was the art of "punting". This is where, taking advantage of OFP's crazy physics, you ran into somebody in a jeep and they would literally be "punted" into the air and fly across the map.