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The Quake 2 Battle UK was a league run by members of GA and SYN, as well as many other volunteer admins whose names, regrettably, have long since been lost.

The league was made up of 4 divisions of randomised ability (it was intended that these would be used as qualifiers for more ability-ranked divisions in Season 2). Games were played on Saturday afternoons and were run on BarrysWorld League Servers (or possibly BarrysWorld Bookable Servers.

The league was headed up by GA-Erazeyourass, GA-Killmachine built the website and GA-Shovel maintained said website, designed the logo and updated the results pages (by hand… ugh). SYN-Psycho later joined the team and kicked everyone else into gear when it all went wrong.

The league collapsed during the first season through poor organisation, lack or preparation (the game rules hadn't been formalised or published at the time of the first fixtures), lack of admining experience by the helpers and slow website updates.

Ironically, the league was formed out of bitter grumbling at how poorly run another league (the UKQ2a?) was run. Lessons were learned.

Disclosure: This entry was originally written up by GA-Shovel and is as accurate as he can remember.